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Vincent Rapide - limited edition print

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50 x 40 cm (20 x 15 inches)
tube catonné / Carton tube
Papier d'art / art paper

The Vincent Motorbike Company was born at the end of the twenties when Philipp Vincent bought Howard Ray Davies's  brand ("HRD"). desapointed by his experiences with the JAP engines, he decided to design and build his own engines : the 500 cc monocylinders that would equip the "Meteor" et "Comet" A serie. These motorcycles had a really revolutionary rear suspension : a mono cantilever schock, two single shoe rear brakes and two single shoe fork brakes. In 1936, Philip Vincent devellops a twin from his monocylinder that put its capacity to 1000 cc. The Vincent "Rapide"was born. On this painting you can distinguish the revolutionnary rear shock. This is a C type (built after the war) bespite the HRD logo on the crankcase. With 45CV, this bike could reach 180 km/h (110 mph). 50 x 40 cm print (20 x 15 inches). 350 copies edited on art paper. Each copy is signed and numbered.

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