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The Hawker Tempest Page: Absolutely everything about the most impressive prop fighter ever: "The Hawker Tempest". This blog is made by Christer Landberg from Sweden.




The extraordinnary 100th Bomb Group website! This is really an amazing blog that contains all the 100th BG archives. All the crews, their pictures, the aircrafts with their "Nose art" - A treasure of informations about all the crews that flew the B17 between 1943 and 1945 ! must be visited !




Olivier Stoltz (France): Olivier makes stunning paintings on dark backgrounds like aircraft wrecks, old prop and jet fighters in graphic compositions that make the plane jump out of the canvas. 2 books have been edited: Air plane Spirits 1 and 2.


Speed birds (France): Laurent Negroni is envolved with race planes of the twenties and thirties. His beautifull sketches and the design skill of his illustrations are amazing. 2 art Book about him are avalaible: Speedbirds 1 and 2...


Vladimir Urbanek (Cech Republic): A Czech artist that I met during the Ferte alais airshow in France. His paintings are mostly oriented on world war 2, but Vladimir knows also drawing old race cars...


Bernard Lengert (France): A self taught artist who is envolved in poetic themes like the Aeropostale and oldtimer airplane. But Bernard can also paint aerial combats. He does it in hi own style: a subtile touch and no rough violence.


Jean-Paul Miannay (France): Jean-Paul (Pin-up Station) share his passion between beautifull women, hot rods and aircrafts





Stanley Rose (England): To those who think they have some technical knowledge in painting. Stanley Rose is one of the greatest virtuoso's I met in my discipline. His composition are often enigmatic and disturbing for narrow minded people. Be open minded: Dive in Stanley's atmospheres !

Philippe Burlet (France): Philippe has a uncluttered graphic style. He works with gouache as painter and illustror but sometimes he changes his style becoming an very modern plastician using unusual material like cigarette butts or pop rivets!

François Vanaret (France): A friend of me envolved in Motorsport with a special feeling for "Le Mans". Christophe is also a motorcycle and aviation fan !