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"Alberto Ascari's last recital" - Limited edition print

reproduction ascari Lancia D50
reproduction ascari Lancia D50Lancia D50 Ascari detail 1Lancia D50 Ascari detail 2
35,00 € each


70 x 50 cm
tube cartonné
papier 300 g, verni anti-UV

In the fifties, Alberto Ascari was the only rival of Juan Manuel fangio. He was very supersticious and he always prepared his clothes in a rigourous ceremonial, wearing strictly the same blue helmet. But he didn't wear it, on may 26 at Monza when he tried Eugene Castellotti's Ferrari. He lost the control of the car and crashed in a bend for some reasons. He died at the age of 37, like his father. You can see him here during a test practize in his Lancia D50.

Limited edition of this painting