Cover illustration of "Mal et Diction" novel - oil on canvas

Mal et Diction
Mal et DictionMal et Diction Detaillivre Mal et Diction


42 x 30 cm
collection de l'artiste

I'm a great fan of Luc Baranger's books, a franco-canadian friend of mine. Last year, Bayard Editions, asked me to illustrate the cover of one of Luc's novels, "Mal et Diction". It is the story of Alex, a young boy very close to his great grand father. Victim of language disorders, he is receiving the old man's affection and that will help Alex to get over his handicap. Nevertheless, his story is not dramatic at all. Actually, the young boy tells the familly saga From Louis XIV untill now, explaining that the language disorders he suffers are lasting since the 17th century and affect exclusively the men every second generation . This lead to hilarious stories from the Canadian pioneers till nowadays.