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"Sonny, it's not so easy to kill a man" - oil on canvas

Gangsters Bayou peinture
Gangsters Bayou peintureGangster Bayou detail 1Gangster Bayou detail 2


120 x 90 cm
Jean-Bernard pontreue

We are in Louisiana, during the fifties. Franck and Sonny are talking as their victim's Ford V8 is sinking in the Bayou. They have just accidentely shot an insurance salesman whom they wanted to rob. "I pulled the trigger... I thought he had a gun.. my god, he's dead" say Sonny with a trembling voice and tears in his eyes.

Franck, who is very proud of having killed more than fiftty men, replies : "Well, Sonny, you know, it's always the same story when you kill a man for the first time"...