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Caudron C450, Hélène Boucher - gouache

Caudron C450 Hélène Boucher peinture
Caudron C450 Hélène Boucher peintureCaudron C450 detail 1Caudron C450 detail 2


50 x 40
Marc Chassard

In 1934, A young woman surprised the whole world by breaking several speed records. Her name was Hélène Boucher. When she achieved that, she flew a Caudron C450 race plane. René Caudron, the builder trusted female pilots and gave them often the occasion to prove their great talent : Adrienne Bolland (who crossed the Andes), Maryse Bastié (who broke speed records) and Hélène Boucher represented here who broke speed records.

Limited edition of this painting