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"Curtiss P-36, Edmond Marin la Meslée" - gouache

Curtiss H75 Marin la Meslee peinture
Curtiss H75 Marin la Meslee peintureCurtiss H75 Marin la Meslee detail 1Curtiss H75 Marin la Meslee detail 2


70 x 50 cm
M. Claude Pallanca (Monaco)

On June the 10th, 1940, Edmond Marin la Meslée gets his 16th and last victory during the battle of France. The fighter he flew was the Curtiss H-75 (American denomination was Curtiss P36). His victim is a Junker JU88 but the crew is escaping safely from the bomber's wreck. France is defeated in only 6 weeks. However, thanks to teh effort of the French and British air Force, the Luftwaffe lost many aircrafts.