Mustang P51C, Lee Archer - Tuskegee Airmen - oil on canvas

Tuskegee Airmen peinture
Tuskegee Airmen peintureTuskegee Airmen detail 1Tuskegee Airmen detail 2


100 x 73 cm / 40 x 28 inches

This painting is a tribute to a famous squadron composed of colored men who became fighter pilots during World War 2. Lee "Buddy" Archer, their leader, is shown in this painting escorting a badly damaged fortress back home. The nickname "Tuskegee airmen" came form the training center for "black pilots" which was especiallly destinated to create aerial squadrons of colored men. Unlike to the infantry, the Us Air Force was clearly segregated : black and white pilots had very few relation. The red tail and the coloured nose of the aircraft are typical marks of the Tuskegee airmen squadrons.