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"On the road to Salinas" - oil painting on canvas

Painting avalaible for sale
Width: 5 cm
Length: 140 cm
Height: 70 cm


140 x 70 cm
colis / carton package
châssis entoillé / canvas on frame
à vendre : 2500 euros

On September 30th in 1955, James Dean and his mecanician Rolf Wutherich are on their way to participate to a race in Salinas. Weather is good, the 466 road is free of trafic. James Dean drives a bit too fast and he is given a ticket by a Californian Highway Patrol policeman. He gets back on the road under the reproving look of the officer : “You can go mister Dean, but drive carefully”. A stranger is staring at them on the left side of the painting. 4 hours later, a Ford Sedan car suddenly cuts off the road of James Dean’s Porsche who is killed instantly.