"Once upon a time in America" - oil painting on printed canvas

Il était une fois en Amérique
Il était une fois en AmériqueIl était une fois en Amérique 2Il était une fois en Amérique 3James WoodsRobert de Niro


160 x 80 cm (Diptyque)
Rubens Levystone (France)

"Maxi ?" belongs to the series called "In God we trust". This big painting is a tribute to one of the best Sergio Leone movies. It tells the moment when "Noodles" (Robert de Niro) gets out of the jailhouse and finds "Max" (James Woods) who is waiting for him in the street. Noodles  recognizes his childhood friend and they embrase each other. On the hearse you can spot this funny sentence : "why go on living when we can bury you for $49,50 ? The dollar bill has been printed on canvas and mounted on a doubled frame. The characters and the car are hand-painted.