"Diptych Fangio and Collins" - oil on canvas

diptyque Fangio et Collins
diptyque Fangio et Collinsdiptyque Fangio et Collins detail fangiodiptyque Fangio et Collins detail collins


80 x 42 cm
Rob Franssen (Pays Bas)

A double portrait presented as a diptych (a painting made from two pieces). It shows the young Peter Collins chating with his spiritual father, Juan Manuel Fangio. In background we spot Mike Hawthorn, with his eternal smile. Even if they were rivals, Fangio and Collins were very respectfull to each other. That year, in 1956, the young British pilot left his car to Fangio whose Ferrari had an engine failure. Giving his car to a teammate was allowed in the fifties. This gesture permited the argentinian pilot to catch a fourth title of Formula 1 champion.