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"Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero vs Corsair FAU-1D" - giant span cover

Bache Zero Corsair
Bache Zero CorsairBache Zero Corsair detail 1Bache Zero Corsair detail 2
500,00 € each


250 cm x 125 cm / 98 x 50 inches
tube cartonné (carton tube)
Bâche PVC / PVC span cover

A giant span cover showing two famous aircraft dogfighting over the Solomon islands.

8 eyelets for hanging, delivered in carton tube - water resistant - anti UV varnish - can be cleaned if necessary.
This PCV cover is ideal if you want to decorate your garage, a brewery, a show room. International fast priority Shipping included in the price ! (tracked and insured package - 4/5 days delay for Europe - 7/8 days for USA).


Limited edition of this painting