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"The Share" - Chrysler 1932 - postcard

Chrysler 1932 carte postale
1,00 € each


15 x 10 cm
enveloppe timbrée / Stamped envelope
Papier cartonné / carton paper

Next episode of the Bellemare gang. In this painting   they are on the run in a isolated farm of Alabama. They go on drifting in the south of the United States looking for the opportunity that will make them rich. Unluckily their last burglary in a grocer's shop was not so lucrative : 9 dollars and 5 cents. But they have found a new partner : "Snowflake", also called the "Beast of Alabama". The Tuscaloosa people tell that he's the less kind of the nasty animals. It's not the postman of this little town who will say the opposite !


Many thanks to Pierre Arnaud who helped me to getting this beautifull Chrysler 1932 and shoot the pictures. Thanks also to Dominique, Cedric and Ophelie who were the models for the painting.

Limited edition of this painting