"Facel Vega HK 500, Stirling Moss" - limited edition print

Facel Vega poster
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70 x 50 cm / 28 x 22 inches
tube cartonné (carton tube)
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Papier photo 180 g

The Facel Vega HK500 was a prestigious car built in France and equipped with a big Chrysler engine.
Its interior was luxuriously fitted out and the HK 500 was very appreciated by personalities like Ava Gardner, the race champion Stirling Moss, the writer Albert Camus. It's in a Facel Vega that Camus was killed with his editor in an road accident. 28 x 20 inches Limited edition print (70 x 50 cm). edited with the contribution of "classicmodelcars.nl"

Limited edition of this painting