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"The Mediterranean sea crossing", Roland Garros, 1913 - limited edition print

La Traversée de la Méditérannée, Roland Garros
La Traversée de la Méditérannée, Roland GarrosTraversée de la méditérannée detail 1
35,00 € each


70 x 50 cm / 28 x 22 inches
tube cartonné / carton tube
300 exemplaires / 300 copies signed and numbered
Papier cartonné / carton paper

September teh 23th, 1913, Roland Garros makes an historical feat by crossing the Mediterranean sea with his 80HP engined Morane Saulnier. After having taken off from Frégus in the south east of France, he loses a piece of his engine flying along Corsica (the background of the painting). He lands at Bizerte, in Tunesia after an 8 hours long flight with only 5 liters petrol left in his tank !